PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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Park City Soccer Club

2017/18 Tryout FAQs


Q. My child loves soccer, but I am not certain he/she is ready for Park City Soccer Club?
A. PCSC’s U8 Academy Team, and our competition soccer teams, do require a weekly, multi-day obligation to practice, as well as an overall commitment to your team. This translates to a greater time commitment than you and your player may have experienced previously.


Q. What age group should my child tryout with?
A. Per US Youth Soccer, players are assigned to teams based on their birth year, not their school grade. Please see the Age Group Chart at the bottom of this page for detailed information.


Q. How do I sign my child up for tryouts?
A. Follow the link on the tryout registration page located on the Park City Soccer club website. Pre-registration is strongly recommended, as the registration process may take 10 - 15 minutes for a walk-in on the first day of their age-specific tryouts; this could delay a player’s time on the tryout field and evaluation by the coaching staff.  Pre-registration closes at noon on the first day of tryouts for each specific age group.  


Q. What time should I arrive for tryouts?
A.  One day one, players should arrive for tryouts at least 30 minutes in advance of the posted tryout time in order to check in and get their tryout number. If a player is not pre-registered by noon on the day of their first age group tryout, they should arrive 45 minutes to an hour early.  Note: It is strongly recommended that all players pre-register.

Q. How long will tryouts last?
A. On field tryouts are anticipated to run 1.5 hours per age group, with the exception of the 2010 age group which only runs for 1 hour.  It is possible tryouts could be cut short due to dangerous weather, or if things run ahead of schedule on the second day.


Q. What does my child need to bring to tryouts?
A. Players are asked to dress in appropriate sports clothes (shorts, t-shirt, soccer socks) with appropriate layers underneath if the temperatures are cool. Players should have shin guards, cleats, a soccer ball, as well as water or a sports drink. Returning players are asked not to wear Club attire (uniform or training t.)


Q. My child already plays for Park City Soccer Club. Does he/she still need to attend tryouts?
A. Yes, all players are required to attend tryouts each year to ensure proper team placement.


Q. What happens if my child is unable to make the specific tryout sessions for his/her age? What happens if he/she can only make one of the two tryout sessions?
A.  Players unable to make the specific tryout days or times of their age group should contact Bob Martin, Director of Coaching to identify a suitable time to be evaluated by the PCSC coaching staff (with either a younger or older age group.) For players out-of-town during the tryout window, please contact Bob Martin to discuss opportunities for an alternative tryout. Every effort will be made by PCSC to accommodate qualified, interested players, subject to space availability on their age appropriate team. Bob Martin: 435.655.5766 or bobmartinpc@hotmail.com


Q. Will everyone at tryouts be named to a team?
A. PCSC is a competitive club governed by Utah Youth Soccer Association, which establishes guidelines for team roster size and level of play. Every effort is made at the youngest ages to provide an opportunity for players to develop their basic skills and love of the game. As players get older, competition for available spots grows and not every player at tryouts will be named to a team.


Q. Can my player tryout for an older team?
A. It is the philosophy that every PCSC player plays their appropriate age group. On occasion, there may be an individual player who the coaching staff determines should play with an older team, or should double roster (play on two teams.)  Players wishing to try out for an older age group must first receive permission from DOC, Bob Martin. 435.655.5766 or bobmartinpc@hotmai.com.


Q. We haven’t heard from anyone. How do we know if my child was named to a team?
A. All players named to a team will be listed, by tryout number, on the PCSC website under 2017/18 Tryout Results.  If you are unsure of your tryout number, please email pcscregistrar@gmail.com
            - Players born 2010 - 2008 will be posted by Sunday, May 28.
            - Players born 2007 - 1999 will be posted by Sunday, June 4.


Q. After my child is named to a team, what are the next steps?
A. On the day teams are posted, you will receive an email from PCSC’s Registrar formally offering your player a place on their assigned team.
            - You will be asked to confirm your player’s acceptance, by email, within 24 hours.
               This enables PCSC t
o finalize our teams as soon as possible, including accepting
               other players off the waiting list should someone decline their spot.
            - You will also be provided with instructions on how to register your child and, if
               necessary, order him/her a uniform

            - If you are new to the Club, you are asked to attend one of two Welcome &
Meetings in the Jim Santy Auditorium of the Park City Library,
              1225 Park Avenue on either Monday, June 5 or Tuesday, June 6 at 6:00pm


Q. How do I know who is on my team and when will we start practice?
A.  Within a day or so of teams being named, you will receive an email letter from your coach. This letter will discuss your first team meeting and practice, your coach’s expectations for the team, and will include a list of players invited to join the team.


Q. My child attended tryouts but was not named to a team. Are there any other soccer options for him/her in Park City?
A. For players born 2010 - 2008 (and possibly even those born in 2007), PCSC’s Academy Training Program remains a great opportunity for players to develop their skills and understanding of the game. The Academy Training Program runs for 12 weeks each fall and spring.  For players outside of that age window, Basin Recreation and PC Marc both offer recreational soccer programs, available to players up through Jr. High.


Q. What are the costs of playing with PCSC? Do I have to pay for everything at once when I register?
A.  The cost of playing for PCSC is all inclusive, with the exception of uniforms and tournament fees. The specific costs, by age group, are listed under the Program Fees section of the Club’s website: Click Here

If you prefer not to pay your program fees all at once, Park City Soccer Club offers a three month payment plan for a small administrative fee. Additionally, in cases of hardship, families may work with our Finance Administrator to customize an extended payment plan of up to ten months. 


Q. I’ve heard something about a volunteer requirement for PCSC. Can you explain?
A. Park City Soccer Club requests each family to fulfill a minimum of ten hours of volunteer service to the Club. After years of struggling to get volunteers, nearly10 years ago the Club instituted a $200 volunteer deposit, due at registration. Once a family completes their hours and submits their tracking form, the deposit is either credited toward any remaining balance on program fees, or the Club mails a refund check.


Q. Does Park City Soccer Club offer scholarships?
A. PCSC offers a limited number of need based scholarships. Interested families should contact Club Executive Director, Shelley Gillwald, at for an application (available in both English and Spanish.) For questions in Spanish, please contact our Club Translator, Carmela Foote, at 801.910.7337.

To ensure a prompt decision and coordinated registration process, completed applications are due to the Club by tryouts. Please Note: scholarship requests are never disclosed to the coaching staff during tryouts and the naming of teams, and therefore have no bearing on tryout results.   


Q. I have additional questions about club soccer with Park City Soccer Club.
A. Questions specific to tryouts and naming of teams should be directed to Bob Martin, Director of Coaching at 435.655.5766
    Questions specific to the registration process should be directed to Kim Lesueur, Club Registrar, at 
    Questions about payment plans and finances should be directed to Cora Lucero, Financial Administrator, 
at 801.831.1219
    General questions about PCSC, or volunteering, should be directed Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director, at 435.901.3715
    Para más información en español, contacto Carmela al 801.910.7337








U8 Academy

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