PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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Park City Soccer Club
Selection Process
Park City Soccer Club is a “select” or tryout-based soccer club.  Most roster positions will be filled at the time of tryouts. This is the best opportunity to make the team.
It is the policy of the Club to select teams where the players are all of the same age so that there is an increased expectation of their staying together as a team for several years.  In some cases, a younger player with appropriate ability may be invited to play up an age group. In rare instances, a mixed team (of no more than 2 age groups) might be established for developmental purposes.
Selectors.  Each team will be selected by a committee of experienced coaches.  The Coaching Director may appoint him/herself as one of the selectors.  In the case of new teams, the club may consult with recreation coaches to provide input.  The reason for multiple selectors is to minimize the risk of bias (to a particular style of play or because of previous connections), or the appearance of bias.
Attendance at tryouts.  It is important that players make every effort to attend the tryout dates for their age group.  Players are expected to attend both tryout sessions.   This maximizes a player’s chance of being selected. Player selections are completed quickly and players who attend a session for another age group delay team selection for all players.   In exceptional cases, the committee may select a player who is well known to the selection committee and who has informed the coach that they are unable to attend tryouts because of injury or other unavoidable circumstances.
Coaches Input.  Tryouts are open.  Our policy is to pick the best players regardless of past participation in the Club. A coach’s report on previous attendance and attitude will be considered for returning players.  
Tryout Organization.  Selection committees are free to run whatever tests of speed, skill, etc. they choose.  For the younger group, speed and strength are more important.  For the older group, skills, positions, and understanding of the game are important.   Most coaches will include some short, small sided games (3v3 or 4v4) on small fields.  Others may use a different method of judging players.
Selection.  Each selection committee member shall have an equal vote in the selection of players, bearing in mind that each team requires a balance of players in different positions.  While committee members are encouraged to discuss their personal selection criteria, each shall select according to their own criteria and rank all players who try out.  The selection committee will meet after tryouts and determine which players are to be selected. 
Number of players per team.  While UYSA allows each competition team to carry up to 18 players, it is the policy of Park City Soccer Club NOT to carry a full roster. (According to UYSA, U10 X-league teams may roster a maximum of 14 players due to their 8 v 8 format and U9 may carry 10 players and play a 6 v 6 format. U-11 is considered a competition level team, but is restricted to 14 players max and play 8 v 8)   PCSC’s philosophy is that a slightly smaller team will maximize playing time for the rostered players and maintain the highest possible level of play.  For competition teams, the Club policy is to roster 12-14 players who can compete at this level at tryouts.
Maintaining open positions.  Park City Soccer Club will keep openings for players who may move to town, or for players who may elevate their level of play over the summer through hard work and dedication. Players may be invited to train with a team on the practice roster.  Please see the Practice Roster Policy for more information.  Such invitations, however, DO NOT guarantee an invitation to join the team.
     There is no hierarchy, seniority or waiting list for filling open positions. All selections are made at the discretion of the Head Coach and the Coaching Director based on the skill and merit of each individual player. Previous experience with the Club does not guarantee a player a position.
***All team rosters will be posted on the Park City Soccer Club website (www.parkcitysoccer.org) by 6:00 pm on the Sunday following the final tryout for an age group.  Some team selections may be posted earlier. This will serve as official notification of a player making a team. 
***Should a player be named to the team, but decline to register with the team, the Coach may, with the input of the Coaching Director, name an alternative to the team. This option is at the discretion of the Coach and is not guaranteed.
***Should a particular age group be fortunate enough to have at enough skilled players attend tryouts the Coaching Director may opt to field two teams: an “A” team and a “B” team. Player assignments will always favor creating the most competitive team possible at the “A” level, with the “B” team serving as a developmental team. The teams will not be created equally or with a balance skill levels of between the two. All assignments are at the discretion of the Head Coach and the Coaching Director and will not give consideration to seniority due to longevity with the Club.
***All named players will be asked to accept their position with Park City Soccer Club by emailing the Registrar at